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How to Choose your mermaid tail?

So you've decided that mermaiding is the right way to go? Great, first things first you'll need a tail.

I've written about all the things that should be considered when choosing a mermaid tail.

Swimming abilities

You wouldn't buy a racehorse for a first ride, right? It's the same with tails.

If you are just starting with this hobby a simple tail would suffice. Also don't buy heavy or professional tails with extra fins if you are not as confident in the water. But more about it can be found in a different article.

What is a mermaid tail?

A mermaid tail is composed of two parts: monofin and tail skin, we will talk about both.


The monofin is the power of the tail, it helps with propulsion and speed. This is the sports equipment of the tail. That is why it needs to be comfortable and of good quality.

You put both of your feet into the foot pockets and the blade on the end is helping you move faster when you do a dolphin kick. It is also creating a beautiful fluke look on your tail.


Making sure that your monofin is the right size is crucial, having blisters after your swim can ruin the whole experience (sometimes it can't be helped anyway). If you aren't sure, size up, you can always use some neoprene socks.

Foot pockets

There are many different types of foot pockets available. Some are with adjustable straps, with open toes, or ones with feet together in a sort of pocket. I wouldn't generally recommend monofins with one space for your feet, because of ankle bruising and general discomfort, but many kids tail companies are using this system, so I would say if you are just beginning or your kid is starting, it's okay, however, I would make sure to change the monofin into a more profound one (feet separated) as soon as the swimming experience gets more serious.

Finfun monofin with connected foot pockets
Finis monofin with separate footpockets


Hobby monofin blades are made of bendy plastics or silicone, this ensures the ease of movement and safety for non-professional swimmers.

Professional monofins are from fiberglass and are generally stiffer.

Your tail needs to be made out of a durable material that doesn't break when bent. Make sure that it's not from any cardboard material or too hard plastics.

Other recommendations:
  • Buy monofins only made by sports brands

Brands like Finis, Mermaid Linden, Finfun, etc are all brands that are producing proper monofins. Never buy a homemade, or unbranded one, I also advise against creating one yourself. Having an unsafe monofin can seriously harm you.

Also never buy off of any websites like aliexpress, wish, or amazon (unless it's the official seller). All of those tails are unsafe, and even though they cost less, it's not worth it.

Tail skin

Tail skin is sort of an accessory to your tail, it makes you a mermaid and not just a person wearing monofin.

You can choose any design you like, there are thousands of different colors, designs, and styles.

You can also create your own tail skin. Choose fabric, trace out your monofin and measure yourself. Cut, sew and swim! It's very easy.

Good fabrics for mermaid tail skin?




Best for

​Spandex ( Lycra, Elaspan, Creora, ROICA, Dorlastan, Linel, and ESPA) - or swimsuit fabric

​ lightweight in and out of the water, very stretchy, dry fast, and are easy to get in and out of quickly

fabric can scrape off from wear and tear

​for beginners, children, and people who want an inexpensive tail

​Neoprene - same material wet suits are made of

​positively buoyant - can float on water, lasts longer

​harder to get in and out (tails usually made with zip), much more expensive

​for more experienced mermaids

Best places to get mermaid tails worldwide?
Beginner mermaids

Experienced mermaids

CZSK tail companies:

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