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Diary of a mermaid

(or funny things people have said to me)

*I add to this record regularly*


During the performance the animators started to sprinkle me with water so I wouldn't dry out (Which was great because I was very hot). But the funniest part was when someone came with a salt shaker that had a grinder in it and started salting me to make me feel like I was in the sea. I felt more like a chicken-fried steak, but everyone, parents, entertainers and I laughed until the end of the show.


I had a land-based gig, and while interviewing me, the guys asked, "Do you know how to play football?"

Well, I can't play football, but I'm pretty good at water polo. :D

The main prize

Dad and daughter are coming by so we explain to them that there's a competition going on today for books and other valuable prizes, all they have to do is draw a picture, sign their name and then we'll do the draw.

Dad replies, "And that's the grand prize?" pointing at me....

Mermaid or elephant?

A lady is taking a picture of her children with me and says to them: "Be careful not to step on that trunk!"

The stroking army

One little girl tried stroking my fin and she loved it. She was immediately joined by 2 other girls and for the next 5 minutes, 3 girls lovingly stroked my fin.

Mythical creature

I see a little boy looking in my direction with huge eyes and a gaping mouth. So I give him a friendly wave.

"Mummy look there's a robot!!!" he points to the robot that delivers coffee in the café behind me...

Slovaks are great

"And mermaid why are you in Slovakia? We don't have the sea here" says the curious little girl.

"Well, you know, I heard that there are good people in Slovakia, I was afraid that someone would hurt me." I say embarrassed.

"Well mermaid, there are the best people in Slovakia! There are only great people here nobody will hurt you."

And for the rest of the show, she tried to convince me that I was safe here.

Dolphin as a surf

One boy says to me: "Mermaid I saw a dolphin when I was by the sea and I jumped on it and rode it like a surfboard!"

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