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Mermaid a sea woman who chose imagination over fear.

Perla Mareena, the first professional mermaid, surfaced in Slovakia to bring a bit of magic.

You can find a lot of interesting articles about life underwater and DIYs on my blog.

Who am I?

My name is Maria, and I'm living my dream, literally.

I've always been a mermaid somehow. My love for the ocean and water was in me since I was born. The world underwater was always full of magic and freedom.

I found out mermaids are real in the year 2015. and since that moment, I've worked hard and learned a lot so I could become one.

However, I've gathered the courage to become one a bit later.

After 3 years of working as a flight attendant, I decided to stay on the ground and also below water, that's how I started to mermaiding full time.

Today I own a hyper-realistic silicone mermaid tail and many accessories, and I do what really fulfills me.

Read also: Mermaid diary.

I write there about all the funny things people said to me while performing.

My Certifications:

  • SSI Mermaid Ocean certificate (authorization for diving without equipment up to 5m in the pool and open water, together with first aid and drowning assistance, up to 5m below the surface)

  • SSI BlueOceans (Ocean Conservation and Marine Ecology)

  • Mermaiding Lecturer (Setting up and running mermaiding courses).


  • English

  • Slovak

  • Czech

  • Japanese

  • bit of German, Spanish and Polish

My biggest dream is to awaken the need for magic, mystery, and unknown in people.

These days it's getting lost from human souls. We are all in hurry and have loads of responsibilities so we forget to enjoy the little things. I wish that every heart, big or small, finds the place in itself where nothing is impossible.

My certificates:


Morská Panna Perla Mareena Chvost
Profesionálna Morská Panna Perla Mareena na pláži pri východe slnka
Ocean mermaid SSI
BlueOceans SSI
Perla Mareena

You could have seen me:

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