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Koh Samui, Thailand for mermaids

As you probably already know, I have recently returned from my holiday on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. And even though we went there during the monsoon season, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I already know that we will be going back again soon.

In this article, you'll find my take on the different aspects and locations on the island, as well as tips for the best experiences and hidden spots.

Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand. With a developed infrastructure, beautiful beaches and dense jungles. There is a pleasant atmosphere all over the island, the food is really delicious and the people of the island are kind and hospitable, simply paradise on earth.

Let's take a look together at different places around the island.

Chaweng beach

Chaweng is a 7 kilometre long beach located on the eastern side of the island with a number of beach clubs. The area around this beach offers a variety of restaurants shops and an unforgettable nightlife.

It is the most popular beach on the island and is also the perfect place for young people looking for action, as well as families with children, as the sand is as fine as powdered sugar and the water is clear and shallow.

We grew to love this beach very quickly, and not just because we were staying a few metres from it.

By morning the beach is almost empty, and it becomes a great place for morning mermaiding.

Just a few meters from the beach is a coral reef, which is beautiful and full of friendly fish. It's a great place for snorkeling and mermaiding. The best way to do this is to enter the water at the Sues Ocean restaurant. About 5 meters from the shore you will come across the aforementioned reef. At low tide the water is almost waist deep, so be careful not to hurt the coral.

Just a few metres from the beach is Central Samui Shopping Mall, the largest shopping centre on the island. Here you will find everything you would need for your island experience. From a light linen skirt, to a surfer swimsuit, to winter jackets (not that you need them on this island).

For example, there's also a Bata and a large Samui Food Hall. Where you can get lost in a selection of fresh fruit from around the world and buy tasty souvenirs to take home. We used to go there for breakfast, they made great coffee and had awesome pastries. We made friends with the baristas there and every time we came in and picked out a pastry for breakfast, they automatically started making our caramel macchiato and greeted us with a smile. (I already said the locals were amazing).

If you get hungry while shopping, be sure to visit the vegan restaurant Annie's Sweetery and eatery . They have falafels and buddha bowls that you will remember for a long time.

If you would like a larger selection of food next door is the Beach Eats canteen. They cook really great and the choice is great. Don't be afraid of the stalls on the way to the Food hall either - the coconut ice cream from the stall by the tourist information was perfect.

It will probably be in the way of production. When you order your ice cream they will chop up a coconut for you, hollow it out, and with the pulp and coconut milk they will make the ice cream right in front of your eyes. I've never had better ice cream, and I don't like coconut very much.

Don't waste your time (and money) at the stands behind the mall, it's not worth it. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there is actually a Chaweng Night Market a few metres across the road. And thanks to it, I've been looking forward to Thursday since Sunday. The food here is amazing, and very cheap. Be sure to get sushi, Pad Thai (the lady probably doesn't remember us, although she always greeted us like she did, but we'll probably never forget her Pad Thai, it was out of this world), and stop by the little stall where you can pick up vegetables, meat, and seafood on skewers and they'll grill it in front of you.

Chaweng Night market is probably the best place for local, good and cheap food.

Big Buddha

The area where this golden statue of the Big Buddha is located is famous for its monuments and temples. You can already feel the energy of this place when you arrive on the peninsula.

You will need to dress appropriately in order to see the statue up close. No knees or shoulders. You will also need to take your shoes off.

You can even find a statue of a mermaid, which made me very happy.

Nearby is also the Wat Plai Laem temple with a statue of the goddess Guanyin and a laughing Buddha. All three temples are on the lake and the setting is really beautiful.

Guanyin is the goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness. She is also known as the "One with a Thousand Hands". One legend says that after trying to understand the needs of all people, her head split into 11 parts, which the Buddha transformed into 11 full heads. When she tried to reach out to help all those in need, her hands split into a thousand parts - which, you guessed right, the Buddha turned into a thousand hands. But 1,000 hands didn't fit on this statue, so it only has 18.

Maenam Beach

This beach in the north of the island looks like something out of a movie. It's clean, long and lined with palm trees, with the occasional bungalow and views of the surrounding islands, it's the perfect retreat for people (and mermaids) looking for privacy and a place to relax. The beach is generally very clean in the sand you'll usually only find fallen coconuts and leaves.

Even better, hardly anyone has been on it. We really enjoyed the solitude and privacy coupled with the beautiful views and palm trees. We rate this beach as the best we've been to, even though there was no proper snorkeling or swimming.

Coral Cove

Coral Cove is a small beach in a cove below Chaweng beach. This beach promised an incredibly magical underwater world and a beautiful setting. Unfortunately, the beach was all covered in tourist litter and the water was not clear enough. As there are no hotels around to take care of the beach. And the water may have lost clarity due to the storms in the area. I know there were beautiful huge corals on the bottom but I only saw them after the dive, so snorkeling was not ideal. But I don't want to judge this beach based on one visit.

We at least took pictures on the beach and on the rocks, and enjoyed the privacy that this beach definitely offers. If you'd like a bit to yourself too, there are small private beaches to the right across the bridge or to the left behind the rocks.

Fishermans Village - Bophut

The historic town of Fishermans Village, located on the north coast of Koh

Samui in the Bophut area, has long been associated with fishermen who migrated here from Hainan Island in southern China. There are original buildings in the town that were built by the fishermen and the whole area has a beautiful historical feel. There are even the remains of a historic pier that was once used by the beach.

There are plenty of shops in the area but also great restaurants such as Beach Coconuts Bowls. A vegan restaurant that has great drinks and smoothie bowls will draw you in with its design and atmosphere.

I enjoyed a Blue Mermaid smoothie bowl and a blue matcha late.

And those would be all my favorite places from my vacation. If you haven't been to Koh Samui yet and you have the opportunity, definitely take it. I really enjoyed my time there.

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