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Mermaids during winter?

Mermaiding is great fun during the summer months, but what to do when winter comes? For us mermaids, winter is a challenging time as we can't spend our days underwater. Not to mention in Slovakia.

So I've created a list of fun activities to make your wait for summer a little shorter and more enjoyable.

Create your own mermaid accessories.

It's very easy. You can create a necklace, bracelet or crown according to your own taste and ideas. You can show your creativity and stand out. Even better, you can make them to match your fin.

Decorate your room in mermaid style

You can turn your room into an underwater paradise with a few simple decorations. This is very practical if you miss the sea and don't know what to do with it. There is no limit to your creativity with colours and patterns, you can decorate your room to look like a secret hideaway of a mermaid or a tropical beach. Hang a few seashells, hang glitter netting and choose soft, shimmering fabrics to drape over furniture and windows. You can also try painting an underwater scene and hanging it on the wall, or personalise your furniture with colours and patterns to make it look like it's underwater.

Have a mermaid night.

Make some hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a mermaid blanket and watch your favourite mermaid movie/series.

Where to buy a mermaid blanket?

Definitely from LuckySwim -their blankets are beautiful and comfortable.

My favorite mermaid movies and series?

Learn about the history of mermaids

The history of sea fairies dates back to 1000 BC. If you do a little digging, you'll find it's pretty fascinating, too.

What happened in Zimbabwe in 2012?

What is the Tenshou-Kyousha Shrine and why are the Japanese trying to hide it from the world?

And many other questions that are still being answered today.

Learn something new about the ocean and ecology.

The English word mermaid comes from 2 words - "mer" - sea and "maid" - maid. I believe that as mermaids, it is our duty to protect the ocean. Therefore, the best thing we can do during the winter months is to educate ourselves on topics such as the health of the underwater world, plastics in nature, etc.

I'll make your search easier and offer you my list:

Make something out of things that would otherwise end up in the trash

If you're creative and like to spend your time making things, try making something out of things that would otherwise end up in the bin.

I hope my ideas will shorten your wait for summer. See you again somewhere under the surface.

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