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What saved my hair this year? Review ScubaScreen

I dare to say that mermaid season is really over. And since I promised myself that I would use ScubaScreen shampoos all summer long and I will do a review after I've tested them properly, I think we can go for it.

ScubaScreen shampoos boast great features, eco-friendly ingredients and adorable packaging.

They're specially formulated for water-stressed hair, but do they really help it? I'm underwater almost daily and my hair has really been through a lot...

For water-stressed hair

If you have long hair and swam in the pool, you know that washing and detangling it afterwards isn't exactly pleasant experience.

I have my hair submerged daily, and since it's also quite long I've always gone to a lot of trouble with it after swimming.


Chlorine is very damaging and drying to the hair, making it frizzy and brittle afterwards. Chlorine erodes the surface.

Not to mention that unpleasant chlorine smell that you can't just get rid of.


Sea water doesn't spare the hair either. Salt dries out the hair and robs it of its shine. It's best to moisturise your hair properly and get rid of the salt after a dip in the sea.

Both cases mess with the natural balance of our hair and our scalp.

Yes, you can use any shampoo to deep cleanse.

... but have you read the ingredients?

It can also be done gently and with respect for our planet

The ingredients of ScubaScreen shampoos are so eco-friendly and ocean-friendly that the manufacturers recommend using them even on the beach or in seawater.

  • Reef Friendly & Cruelty Free

  • Free of parabens, endocrine disruptors and SLS

  • Forever recyclable aluminium packaging

  • Handy pump to keep the product from wasting

Scent and design

The shampoos smell like mojito and are packaged like little oxygen tanks for diving, which I think is very adorable.

There are 3 products in the collection:

  • First Step - A shampoo that brings hair back to its natural PH

  • Second Step - Conditioner with a highly moisturizing properties

  • Wreck Repair - Leave-in detangling conditioner

For Divers!

Each bottle has one o ring in it, because we all know there are never enough of these.

My hair

As I mentioned above, I've been using these shampoos almost daily since the beginning of summer. (Thanks to that pump, I still haven't used them up them, so they last a really long time).

Over the summer, I performed every weekend and had many trinings a lot during the week. Sometimes I felt like nothing was going to save my hair. I think I can say with a clear conscience that if it wasn't for these shampoos, I wouldn't have my hair anymore (yes being a professional mermaid is hard).

But what helped me the most was the leave in conditioner Wreck repair, which helped detangle my hair even after 3 days of all day underwater gigs.

My hair stylist even said that since I've been using the shampoos, my hair texture is much better and it combs well too.

I'm very happy with the shampoos and will definitely be buying another set, after all mine are almost gone and another season is coming up.

If you're interested in the product, be sure to check it out HERE.

For -10% off your purchase use code: perla.mareena

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