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3 easy steps to zero waste bathroom + a bonus tip

Would you like to help our planet and feel amazing doing it? Great!

I'm buying all of my cosmetics in local eco/zero waste shops. You can find many of them by a simple google search: "location" zero waste shop or "location" eco shop. Some popular in my country are Bezobalovo,EatGreen, Bezobalis a Bioway.

Shampoo and Soap bars

I used to buy the most renowned and reviewed shampoos and shower gels because I thought that is what my body needs. Then I became interested in ingredients and I realized, the amounts of sulfates, silicones, and parabens are not being helpful at all.

So I became obsessed with natural cosmetics and discovered the magic of shampoo and soap bars. It took me a while to discover the right ones for me, but I think this is the same with every cosmetics.

I use Almara soap bar soaps, they are huge and the smell is amazing.

Shampoo bars are harder, everyone has a different hair type, length, and product preferences. My hair is for example extremely long, so one bar of shampoo would last me a week or two, I however found a brand called Musk and they are producing big bars that last me a month. But hardest to find was a conditioner bar, many of them didn't do anything to my hair. Then I found one from Mydlove, It's completely natural, smells amazing, and my hair is perfect after every use.

Zero waste toothpaste

I'm using toothpaste in tablets, there is also a powder option or toothpaste in glass jars like this one made by Ben&Anna .

For floss opt for bamboo charcoal one, it's compostable and comes in a cute glass or metal container.

Classic razor with changeable blades

Do you know you are helping our planet by using this razor?

Big amounts of plastic won't be tossed, as this razor needs blades that are recyclable. It lasts years and looks luxurious.

I've been using this razor for a year, at first I was scared of the blade being out in the open, but after a bit of practice, I love it.

Bonus tip

Maybe you're feeling like this is a way to go, You'll buy many new products, sort out your bathroom, toss everything that is plastic and help the environment. This isn't the best idea, the cosmetics you'd throw out could still serve you and wouldn't be unnecessarily tossed. So my bonus tip is very simple, first use up everything you have.

Those are only three of many steps you can take to help our planet and feel amazing. There are many more ways, like reusable makeup removers, recycled toilet paper, natural deodorant, buying cleaning products in bulk, or using natural methods like vinegar or sodium bicarbonate. But more about that later.

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