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International mermaid day and how to celebrate it?

Did you know that the 29th of March is international mermaid day? Yes, the myth that fascinated people forever and is still magical for us humans is celebrated since 2018 around the world.

Siren Series

It was founded by a freeform TV network on the date of their Siren series premiere. It, not only depicts mermaids and their culture very realistically but sheds a light on ecological struggles that the ocean and its inhabitants (in this case sirens) have to go through.

How to celebrate international mermaid day?

If you hear the oceans call or if you have a little one that loves mermaids, this is an amazing day to enjoy.

Cook, bake, or make a mermaid smoothie

I have a whole board on Pinterest full of recipes and ideas for a mermaid feast.

Your best friend when making mermaid food is going to be Blue Spirulina, it not only colors food blue, but it's also very healthy. You can find it in your local store.

Watch your favorite mermaid movie or series

The little mermaid, H2o, or aquamarine are just a few of many children's mermaid movies. What about us adults? Siren (series), Splash, The legend of the blue sea (K-drama), and many more that are targeted toward adults. Just grab your mermaid blanket and enjoy.

Morska panna Perla pod vodou

Let's swim

I don't know about you, but the best celebration of my mermaid self is actually swimming. So, will we meet underwater?

Clean your local park, beach, lake, or forest

Whether we admit to it or not, most of our waste ends up in the ocean. Let's celebrate our connection to the ocean by actively helping it. Collect rubbish in your favorite nature spot. Plus, time in nature is known to be magical.

uces morská panna

Wake up your inner siren with the right outfit

Hairpin with shell or scaled leggings, let's show the world that this day is ours.

I always have to wear a little reminder I'm a mermaid. Earrings, necklace, hairpin, or the whole outfit.

Find out something new about the life in the oceans

Let's learn something new about our underwater home or watch a documentary movie. You can also read my articles about sharks and ways to protect them.

DIYs for artsy souls

Do you also have creative hands and have to create something all the time? Use today to create something mermaidy. I made a jewelry box on Tiktok. You can make toilet roll animals and mermaids or Shell candles.

If you create something magical be sure to tag me, I can't wait to see what you've made.

However you celebrate this beautiful day, I hope it will be a magical one

Yours truly mermaid Perla

Perla mareena

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