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Mermaid tail Safety

Now you have a tail, and don't know where to start? Don't worry, I put together the list of the most important things to keep in mind.

Mermaiding is as safe as we make it, and with that in mind, I made a list of top safety tips for swimming in a mermaid tail. Those tips are for mermaids and also parents with kids trying out mermaiding.

Swimming abilities

First and foremost, before even attempting to swim in a tail make sure you are (or your kid is) an able swimmer. Not being confident in the water and having your legs suddenly glued together can be a stressful experience. Make sure that you assess the swimming abilities realistically.

A few of the important skills are the ability to swim without any floating aid, tread water for 1 minute, swim using a dolphin kick, float on the surface of the water, dive, and breath-holding.

Start swimming only with your monofin

Only after you are comfortable swimming in your monofin use the tail skin. The first skill you should practice is getting out of your monofin fast safely (preferably without the use of hands). Always train this in shallow water.

Never swim alone or leave your kids without supervision

This is very important, not only mermaids but also divers and freedivers are never alone underwater. Water is a very calming but very dangerous element and even a mere moment can cause a lot of trouble. Make sure to remember this and always treat water as a dangerous element.

If your kid is mermaiding, NEVER leave them unattended.

Mermaid tails are not toys, but a sports equipment

This may sound harsh, but you wouldn't buy your kid skis and throw them down the hill, right? Well, it's the same with the tails, make sure you treat them as such. Don't do anything that isn't recommended, don't make jokes, etc.

There has been a recent drama about a girl almost drowning in a kiddie pool because she was left unattended and she tuck both of her arms in her tail and almost drowned due to the inability to grab on to anything. Article here. A month later some tiktoker made a joke video also tucking her arms in a mermaid tail. This joke has been seen by many, many kids and it's so dangerous to even share content like this. (I am not sharing the video as I do not support this but you can easily find it - Celinaspookyboo).

Never combine mermaid tails with any swimming aid

Swimming armbands or waistbands are very dangerous in combination with tail. Floaties are okay. You can become trapped underwater and drown. Do not use those when wearing your tail. If you think your kid wouldn't be comfortable in the water without them, don't get the tail.

Put on your tail as close to the water as possible and remove it in the water

before attempting to get out to avoid injury.

Never attempt swimming in tail skin without a monofin

The movement is nearly impossible and you may end up drowning because of the drag that the fabric causes.

Always have a flotation device (floaty) with you on open water and make sure you can easily stand up in the pool

While you can easily reach the pool wall and have a break in case of emergency, you can't do so on the open water. Always have a flotation device with you on open water. When your kid is attempting a mermaiding on the open water swim by their side with a flotation device ready!

In the pool only stay where you can easily stand up when need be. This is for the feeling of security and also to ensure you can stand up if you are in an emergency.

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